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Number of Abortions Reported Declines "only" 1.2 million babies slaughtered in utero, the lowest reported since 1976.

Aside from the Holocaust-sized numbers (the Nazis only managed an 850,000 per year murderous pace to slaughter their undesirables), there is another reason not to be happy with these numbers: they may not be true.

Here's the problem:

The report was based on a survey of all known abortion providers the Guttmacher Institute has been conducting regularly since 1974, and is considered one of the most authoritative sources of data on abortions in the United States. The latest survey, of 1,787 providers, was conducted in 2005 and was the first since 2000.

See any problem with using survey data rather than actual counts of abortions performed?

I sure do.

The prolife movement has gained great momentum since the 80s, to the point where abortion is once again a distasteful procedure and most Americans would seek greater restrictions on the procurement of abortion than the Supreme Court is wont to allow.

If you're in the abortion business, and you're claiming you need more abortionists and less restrictions on abortion, would you be better served by overreporting the number of abortions you perform or underreporting them in an election year?

I'd argue you would be more apt to underreport, so as to keep abortion off the radar screen and thus strengthen the odds proabortion politicians like Obama and Clinton get in a position to ensure the Supreme Court never backs off of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

These are immoral people, not stupid people.

Count procedures, not the responses of self-interested baby-choppers, if you want to know the true magnitude of abortion in this country. I'd trust insurance industry data over numbers peddled by those whose livelihood depends on abortion "rights".



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