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"We Should Have Bombed It"

The unexpected echoes of President Bush's comment upon viewing aerial photos of Auschwitz:

There is a subtler message here as well, one that is being overlooked by President Bush and today's bureaucrats. Those nations whose leaders and citizens are audacious enough to announce their intent to destroy another people should be taken at their word. At this very moment, the same Palestinians who are being championed by the President's team as viable negotiation partners are officially pledged to the elimination of the state of Israel from the map. The Iranians, just a bit further up the road, are even louder in promising to bring about that end.

If the blundering, purblind policy of pretending the Palestinians are a civilized entity potentially amenable to a two-state solution eventually leads to the annihilation of Israel, the new Genocide Museum will be set up in Washington D.C. alongside the Holocaust Museum. A beautiful scale model of the state, prior to its decimation, will stand facing the entranceway. On Genocide Memorial Day of 2058, President George Bush IV may well stand right there, flanked by his advisors, looking at the aerial reconnaissance photographs of the Iranian nuclear facilities, taken by our satellites checking on the oil fields.

"We should have bombed it."

This was a meaningful, poignant statement by an American President. Let us pray that it never be echoed by a successor retrospectively examining some atrocity we enabled by our apathy.

How clearly we see the errors of long-dead leaders.

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