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Case in Point Number Two as to What Happens When the GOP Elects Non-Conservatives

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down with the L.A. Times last week to apologize for being a Republican. The once proud "Governator of the Golden State" cited "political inexperience" as his excuse for having espoused semiconservative ideals and principles during his first campaign and in the early years of his governorship.

The man who rode into the governor's mansion on a tsunami of dissatisfaction with former Governor Gray Davis and the budget crisis he wrought was sober in his reflection on the last few years in office. According to the Times, "he now regrets a number of the policies he championed in his early days in office and acknowledges his own rhetoric was at times overheated and naive."

The man who sold himself as the antidote to the woes brought on California by its political Establishment is showing once again that it's easier to go along than it is to stick to principle and to fight for change. He has accordingly dropped the conservative, change-centered, state-saving rhetoric and principles that inspired Californians to twice elect him to the state's highest office.

It's also yet another case in point for politicians who let their wives run their administrations.



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