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The Iraqi People Have Sided with Our Troops---Will American Liberals?

The steep decline in American casualties ought to be a wakeup call for the idiot Left:

Liberals have shown their true nature by choosing the side of evil in the great struggle of our time. So complete is their betrayal that they obsessively shield some of the world's most bloodthirsty fanatics from temporary discomfort that would yield information that could save thousands of innocent lives. Even though they try to deny it, their actions clearly show that liberals have thrown their lot with some of the most brutal, cruel and depraved miscreants in recent memory. In their eagerness to hand them victory they have already declared this war lost even as their country dominates the battlefield. The terrorists for their part show their appreciation when they celebrate Democrats' electoral successes, for even ideological differences and geographic distance cannot obscure the fact that American liberals are the best friends they have.

So intimate is this shameful pact that the other side - Bin Laden, al-Zahawiri, al-Jazeera and their likes - routinely base their tirades against America on liberals' talking points. And while liberals give plenty of encouragement to foreign reprobates, they have little good to say about the best and bravest among us. Even as they disingenuously proclaim their support for our troops, they eagerly seize on every minor infraction to besmirch their reputation.

But like in much else liberals are wrong. Rather than being an accurate assessment of reality, their smears are a reflection of their own depravity which prevents them from seeing things as they really are. If they did, they would realize that there has never been a military which has treated both civilians and combat enemy more humanely or with more dignity. No one is in a better position to make this judgment than the Iraqi people who have had the opportunity to observe and interact with our armed forces first hand. The low casualty figures coming out of Iraq tell their side of the story loud and clear.

Liberals would do well to listen up.

They won't, of course---they hate America too much to side with their countrymen in a war against the most fascistic animals on the planet.

If we ever declare another war on inflation, though, they'll be there with bells on.

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