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Will Democrats Get A Filibuster-Proof Majority?

Jim Antle thinks not.

I think he's wrong. Conservatives will stay away in droves from the polls thanks to disgust with McCain, who's nothing more than an older Bob Dole without the charm. Supporting McCain means handing over the GOP to the Rockefeller Republicans. It is political suicide.

Now, some of us will still trudge to the polls to try to help our legislative candidates, but keep in mind the field's very, very weak there as well. Will I make a special trip to vote for RINOs like Richard Burr or Liddy Dole or the like? No.

And I've got to think there's enough conservatives who think like I do that will have a big negative impact on McCain's chances, and carryover to the Congressional races.

That's what happens when the GOP lets the enemy pick its nominee. That's the lesson the idiots at the RNC need to learn, and learn well, if they ever want to eat lunch with the K Streeters again.



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