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Sir Winston Churchill


Barrack Obama Hates America

That's the narrative he's enabled by not forcefully rejecting Wrong Reverend Jeremiah "G--D--n America---It's in the Bible!" Wright and by letting his Harvard elitist slip show to what he thought was a safely Maoist crowd in San Francisco.

It certainly will hurt him in Pennsylvania, which has more than its share of gun-totin', religion-clingin', economic downturn types who don't pull down Obama money for spouting off college dorm room Baby Che nonsense.

The press won't be able to keep a lid on Obama's immaturity and doctrinaire leftism at this rate, and he apparently doesn't have any disciples who can sit him down and tell him to knock it off.

All good news for McCain, but of course the spotlight's not on him, and he's as prone as Obama to diarrhea of the mouth despite having a vast experience edge over him.



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