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Condi for Veep?

Not likely.

The problem with Rice (and I was an early fan of hers, now like the Ancient Mariner a sadder and wiser man) is that she hasn't an original thought in her head, is not a conservative, and is the creature of the Washington establishment. The only edge she has over Colin Powell, who earned the distinction of Worst Secretary of State in U.S. history, is that she actually got on a plane and went to some of the foreign countries you might expect America's top diplomat to visit. She also was not, to my knowledge, Prince Bandar's racquetball partner.

Given John McCain's complete lack of conservative credibility, larding up the ticket with yet another RINO makes no sense. McCain, deluded as he is, may think it's a good idea to play identity politics, but conservative voters won't turn out for him simply because he has a black woman on his ticket.

Ideological balance is what's needed on the 2008 GOP ticket, not geographic, gender, or racial balance. McCain's too dumb to recognize this and the Washington GOP establishment hates conservatives too much to tell him otherwise.



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