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Bill Kristol Needs To Shut Up and Listen

This is pretty pathetic.

Note to Bill Kristol: airplane tickets do go somewhere beside the liberal bastions of the Northeast and Washington. Take one. Then shut up and listen.

McCain's problem is YOU. He's got the neocon Establishment, the country clubbers of the GOP, all telling him not to worry about the conservative base (especially those gauche evangelicals) and just worry about the 10% of idiots in this country who have no clue whatsoever what the two main political parties believe. This is because you think you have a deathgrip on the Republican Party, and would rather lose the election than lose the grip.

You've gotten your way this primary cycle thanks to crossover voting from Democrats and the primary schedule inexplicably favoring Democrat states. Now that your man is the nominee, however, you'll pay the price for the illusion of neocon control: the base will stay home.

Have fun in November, because tired old liberal McCain is the new McGovern.

Ask anybody in a Red state. If you know anybody from a Red state, that is.



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