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Sir Winston Churchill


Is John McCain Stuck on Stupid?

Maybe so.

Repeat after me:

In America in 2008, the bitter old white guy who's stabbed his allies in the back to suck up to the Left Wing Media stands no chance once the two-shots of him and Obamessiah start rolling out.

There simply aren't enough people reading the conservative blogosphere or watching Fox News to understand that Barry Obama's a run-of-the-mill, America-hating, snobby, new money machine politician like all the rest. The Left Wing Media's going to be giving him the full Baba Wawa flowers and soft focus treatment from here on out, which will eventually prompt McCain to either consume mass quantities of sedatives or erupt in a televised fury which will send people into the streets looking for the Rapture.

In short, McCain's Bob Dole heading toward Mondale-McGovern territory.



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