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The Man Who Will Never Be SecState in a McCain Administration Is Right Again

John Bolton: Bomb Iranian Terrorist Camps.

When we first invaded Iraq, I thought it was a brilliant strategic move to place the U.S. military in the central position between our War on Terror enemies in Afghanistan, in Syria, and in Iran. Look at a map if you're geography-challenged and you'll see my point.

Moreover, I thought memories of Vietnam were so fresh in the mind of the current generals that they would never repeat the major strategic blunder of that war---treating territory being used by the enemy for logistical support as "neutral" territory.

Yet that is precisely how we've treated Iran and Syria in this war.

We cannot win the War on Terror until the Terror Masters are no more. Instead, we inexplicably sit around teaching Iraqis how to set up utilities while Iran and Syria build nukes. It is complete insanity.



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