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Why Should Conservatives Vote for McCain Again?

If this is true (a big "if"---Huffington's character problems match McCain's), it's going to be much harder for the McCainiacs to make the case that conservatives ought to vote for their man out of party loyalty.



Anonymous karen said...

Hi! Hoping WordBoy is growing in leaps and bounds:0).

I know how you won't probably vote for McCain- but, i think that HuffPo is a very unrealiable source when it comes to McCain truths. I say this because Gateway Pundit has video linking HuffPo trying to get Mc to admit calling his wife that unsavoury c-word& that the ~Pastor~ was actually a HuffPo contributor or something-- it's all on Gateway.

Also, there seems to be hard feelings between the Hillary and BObama supporters over there. It just sounds very: not loyal to their own, so why not lie about McCain-ish, to me.

I'm probably a one issue voter- as accused of being by my Lib friend. ProLife, proLife, prolife... School choice would be nice and i hope, if Mc gets it- he cuts the subsidies to the farms that don't need it. Emergency funding of some kind, yeah- but, subsidies really hurt our free market. The factory farms flourish.

ok-- i'll be quiet now:0). I'm still not very schooled on politics, but i cannot let the Dems get set. I'm using VT as my litmus test-- and we're pretty far gone already. Very fortunate to have Douglas/Dubie, for sure.

11:53 AM  

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