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The Question Isn't Whether the Pope Is Catholic, But Whether American Archbishops Are

This is disgusting.

Cardinal Egan was apparently embarassed enough by Novak's reporting to do the right thing, but did not address how Giuliani wound up being given a VIP invitation in the first place.

The Church moves more slowly than most of us would like in dealing with such petty rebellions. One hopes to see the remaining bishops who prefer politics to pastoral care cashiered shortly and replaced by the good shepherds Christ called them to be. This unfortunately may not happen until Pope Benedict XVI's successor is seated. They are likely rooting for a cafetaria Catholic to get the job---probably good ol' Cardinal Law, he who destroyed the Boston archdiocese through corruption and deceit.

If you want to kill babies, go join one of the many Christian In Name Only denominations which have made abortion a sacrament. Compounding sin and scandal with blasphemy for personal gain is a curious plan for salvation. Perhaps Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, and Giuliani simply know which direction they're heading and have decided to enjoy life before beginning the journey to their final destination.



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