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Alan Keyes Stops Making Sense

To the Constitution Party:

Keyes wasn't exactly magnanimous in defeat, either. He said that the party whose nomination he sought was "governed by a spirit of dictatorship and despotism." In the same interview, Keyes protested that he had been invited into the Constitution Party and then likened himself to a fetus being aborted in the womb:

"In the act of procreation, people are joyfully, ecstatically, with great joy in every fiber of their being, saying "yes" to the coming of that new life. And then in abortion, they kill it. So what, in fact, my political career is, is the paradigm and pattern of that which I am trying to stop for the child. I kind of represent, in political terms, the abortion. You're invited in, then they kill you. You're invited in, then they kill you."

That's right, Alan---not being allowed to run another quixotic campaign to up your speaking fees through presidential campaign fecklessness is completely analogous to the plight of the aborted child.

Time to get a sweater without holes in the sleeves.



Blogger Kate P said...

Jeez, what happened to him? Did the resentment of years of rejection just build up?

I didn't write him in for the primary last week, but I know somebody who did.

8:14 PM  

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