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McCain Says NC GOP Out of Touch with Reality

John McCain, who if his logic is followed wouldn't dare to criticize Michael Jackson because he's black, proves once again he has no acquaintance with reality whatsoever.

This is yet another exhibit in the gallery I like to call, "Reasons Why I Will Not Be Voting for John McCain in November".

There is simply no way I'll support a weasel who stabs conservatives in the back time and again to curry favor with the Left Wing Media.

I will be happily casting my ballot in North Carolina in support of the NC GOP, and will plan to donate to their cause to the extent that McCain-Feingold allows.

I'll look forward to McCain's return to obscurity, where the only copy he'll get is for holding down the Lowell Weicker chair at The New York Times.

For as long as that money-hemhorraging operation continues, anyway.



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