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Remember That Syrian Site the Israelis Bombed?

It was a nuclear reactor.

Why were the Norks helping the Syrians build such a thing?

Plausible deniability for the Iranians once mushroom clouds appear over Tel Aviv and New York.

Massive retaliation is no good if you don't know where to aim your missiles. If Washington can't tell immediately whether the nuke originated in Pyongyang, Damascus, Tehran, Moscow, or Beijing, there is simply no such thing as massive retaliation, nor nuclear deterrence.

When such a thing happens, it will be because the Iranians worked with one of their terrorist groups to make it happen. We will do precisely nothing to the Iranians in response, which they know full well, having dry run this tactic with conventional terrorism for the past 30 years.

But at least socialized medicine will get a chance to show what it can do!



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