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Pimp My Prayer

What's this? A presidential candidate so cynical he provides a copy of his "private prayer" to a newspaper before heading to the Wailing Wall?

Barack Obama wanted the world to know that he can pray like a Christian. Thus, he penned a ‘note to God' on stationery from the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, and he generously gave a copy to the "international media even before he put in the Kotel, a short time after he wrote it at the King David Hotel." Thus says the Ma'ariv spokesman in defense of his newspaper, which may be the subject of a criminal investigation for publishing the ‘note to God' which Obama gave to the paper. For, interestingly, not only Ma'ariv was a recipient of Obama's generosity, so was Yediot Ahoronot (YA), the most popular Israeli daily. YA also obtained the ‘note to God' from Obama but declined to print it, ironically, "to respect Obama's privacy."

Another Democrat who claims to be a devout Christian but turns out to be a cynical hack who only desires power. Now THERE's a change we can believe in!



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