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Andrea Mitchell, Obama-loving Hack

The McCain campaign protests NBC pundit and "objective reporter" Andrea Mitchell's using "Meet the Press" as a platform for DailyKos comments on Barack's Saddleback loss.

If Mitchell had bothered to do some reporting rather than simply regurgitating whatever the Obama campaign and/or the Kos Kidz tell her to say she might have come across this unequivocal denial from Rick Warren, host of the event:

A source at the debate tells me that McCain had access to some communications devices in the few minutes before he went on stage with you and that there was a monitor in his green room, in violation of the debate rules.

WARREN: That's absolutely a lie, absolutely a lie. That room was totally free, with no monitors--a flat out lie.

Another story too good to check---at least when it helps a Democrat.

Mitchell ought to be shown the door so she can get that coveted job on the Obama campaign.

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