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Biased? Moi?

Jonah Goldberg has a good clip-and-save rundown of the most egregious examples of Left Wing Media bias this week.

This may explain why the American public, no fools they, think the Left Wing Media's opposed to Sarah Palin by a 10-1 margin.

None of which should be news to media stroker Howie Kurtz, who nonetheless Kurtzes away with vigor in the service of his masters. Close observers will note the beads of sweat dotting forehead and brow.

Jonathan Last offers insight as to why the media and the rest of the Left hates Sarah Palin---it has everything to do with her being a living rebuke to the culture of death they seek to promulgate. You simply cannot look at Trig Palin and believe that 90% of those like him ought to be slaughtered. It is inhuman, and the Left resents what they see in the mirror Palin holds up to them.

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