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Sir Winston Churchill


Obama's Hard Left Roots

For someone who claims to be a moderate uniter, Obama's left wing sure is disproportionately gargantuan.

WordGirl and I engaged in a thought experiment this morning:

"How many people do we know who hate America and so profess?"

The answer was "None."

Obama knows at least two---Jeremiah "G-d damn America" Wright and Bill "Kill 'Em All" Ayers. Both men have gone considerably further than simply stating their own opinion---inciting others to anti-Americanism in Wright's case and terrorist bombing in Ayers'.

You would think that someone hoping to be President of the United States would have had enough concern for self-preservation as to be more averse to such associations than WordGirl and I might be---and yet this is not the case.

Obama must be radical indeed to not only embrace such lunatics, but to see them as utterly sane and completely conventional.



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