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Marriage May Already Be Dead

...given these census figures:

Single-adult households have displaced two-parent families with children as the most common kind of U.S. household, the Census Bureau reported yesterday.
The change demonstrates "the growing complexity" of American households, researchers said in a new report, "Examining American Household Composition: 1990 and 2000."
"It's breathtaking how many people still think that the 'mom, pop and two kids' is the majority of households," said Peter Francese, the founder of American Demographics magazine.
Nuclear-family households -- two married parents and a child -- were the most common as recently as 1990, when there were 25 million such households.
But by 2000, nuclear-family households fell to second place, both because there were almost a half-million fewer of these type of homes and because the number of single-adult households surged past 27 million.

The Left has gotten virtually everything they wanted out of the culture wars. And now we live in an America where children grow up with both parents living with them is going the way of the dodo.

All you people who pulled the lever for Democrats lo these many years ought to be quite proud.

Heather doesn't have two mommies. These days she's lucky if she's got one.

Rest assured that all these folks coming out of shattered homes will indeed be likelier to support left-wing pols who will continue to pursue the disintegration of the family so that, in Hillary's noxious dream, "the Village" will have to raise the children.

Either that or abort them.


Anonymous karen said...

Don't be too tough on us, Teflon. Not all of us chose to be in the position we found ourselves.

My ex was a loser in the maturity and monogamy departments. After two children... one being 22 months and the other seven months, he'd had enough and was already w/another woman before he left us; although he would never admitt it.

I had the rug pulled out from beneath me and couldn't even breathe for awhile(months).

Being a single mom was the hardest thing I've ever had to do(worse than birthing four children). I eventually went to therapy and realized how confused I was and how God still loved me, etc and got it right the second time around.

My ex is still in the catch and release stage of life. Right now, he's *promised* to a woman, but won't marry her because she'll lose SS for her kids(her former husband died in a car accident).

It's a $$$$ thing. Same w/ the gal w/two kids on Welfare down the road, shacked up w/her boyfriend. She won't marry. and I've heard older,single people don't remarry after a spouse has died because they lose the spouse's SS $$$$. it's all about the green. Some is greed and some is sensible(I think), but that does't make them Liberals.

I guess it just makes them human. And as long as we have our parents to bail us out and back us up, the Village people will have to keep waiting.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Teflon said...

Folks who are shacking up or playing catch-and-release may not all be liberals, Karen, but they certainly are libertines.

With over 50 percent of American households now single parent, I doubt a large percentage of these are folks who made an early mistake and are now rectifying it.

It takes an enormous amount of self-centerdness to refuse to do what's best for your children, which is obviously providing a stable two-parent home.

We as adults have a responsibility to make that choice. That so few of us are nowadays is a tragedy, but one borne largely by our kids.

I'd say we all choose our situations, since our sexual partners and spouses are very rarely chosen for us in this day and age.

There's an analogy readily available---do you really think there are millions of cases where a pregnancy is either the result of rape or incest or is imperiling the health of the mother? Yet there are millions of abortions. It stands to reason that a primary reason for abortion is simply retroactive birth control.

Likewise, I wonder how many divorces are the result not of escaping an abusive relationship (where the case for the welfare of the children being improved by removal of the abusive spouse is pretty clear) but because one spouse simply no longer wishes to be married to the other.

It is a choice we make, and I doubt that many of us truly maintain in our hearts that divorce was better for our children. I suspect even fewer of the children would say it was so.

Just my opinion---your mileage may vary, and thanks for sharing yours.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Teflon said...

In rereading the comment, I should also specify that when I speak of self-centerdness I am most certainly not referring to Karen's situation. Karen and her husband clearly represent a two-parent household.

Unfortunately, too many Americans view marriage as the most dispensable of institutions. It is to them I refer.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

You are absolutely correct... about it all. I just wanted to let you know that if a woman would realize her self-worth is greater than that of the guy she feels the need to be attached to, esp. sexually, there wouldn't be this huge gap between the sexes. I(of course) blame the men, maybe unfairly, because they hop from one to another and leave young children in their wake to be taken care of by more strange men. Up in the woods here, it's like musical chairs- just a game of switch.

I also blame the Feminist movement. How the hell can 35 years of the *independent woman* have created such selfish boys who only want to hook up and girls that will give sex in return for affection(love)? It may not be much different from my past, but back then it wasn't the norm.

Today, the causualness of encounters is sickening. No loyalty. No respect for others. Absolutely no respect for the Temple of the Lord God has made us to be in our fleshly bodies.

All this off the fingertips of a gal who took too long to realize these as truths, but there you have it. What a freak show society.

7:54 AM  

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