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The Second Stop on the Dick Durbin Summer Apology Tour

...ought to be Jonathan Turley's house, apparently:

Shoemaker would not comment on the record to NRO. All he would say is that Turley got his facts wrong. Others familiar with the meeting, such as Sen. John Cornyn, have said that Roberts never said he would recuse himself from a religious case, and that much no longer seems to be disputed. The question is did Durbin try to use Turley to float some bad information about Roberts that was sure to upset conservatives? There are two alternatives to this explanation:

1. Durbin got confused and gave Turley an inaccurate account of what was said at the meeting, and Shoemaker, also confused, verified that account, or at the very least failed to challenge it; or
2. Turley, a media-friendly professor and legal commentator who has written roughly 500 articles, picked this point in his career to start making stuff up.

The first possibility could have occurred, but then why would Durbin's office be so quick to disavow his on-the-record comments if he thought they were true? The second possibility also seems most unlikely — especially given the notes, e-mails, and taped messages Turley said he can produce to back up his account.

Without a fuller explanation from Durbin, it looks like he gave Turley some bad information, either on purpose or by accident, and then tried to evade responsibility — first by demanding anonymity after granting an on-the-record interview, and then by calling Jonathan Turley a liar.

Before long, Senator Durbin — who made ill-advised comments about our troops in June — may need to make his second apology of the summer.

Do you get the idea that Democrats are so used to having their lies regurgitated by a compliant LWM that they're simply stunned they don't get away with it anymore?


Anonymous karen said...

Why is this ass still in the seat of representation?

12:43 PM  

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