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The Left's Tax Increase Catch-22

Another great Lefty idea: raise taxes in the wake of Katrina.

I love the Left---raise taxes when times are good because we can "afford" to pay more taxes, raise them when times are tough because it will "stimulate" the economy.

This is very simple. When taxes are too high, lowering taxes spurs economic growth as well as increased tax revenue (less incentive to find shelters plus more growth = more tax revenue). This is what happened with the Bush tax cuts. It's what happened with the Reagan tax cuts. It's what happened with JFK's tax cuts.

We want growth. We need growth more than ever because we've got several hundred thousand people out of work and out of doors and a region to rebuild.

If you want growth, cut taxes. It's that simple.

Any liberal clown who thinks they're undertaxed can always donate more to the U.S. Treasury. They'll cash the check.


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