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Crapshoot Theology

Neumayr nails the fence-sitting Darwinists:

If nature is not the work of divine intelligence but of blind chance, God does not exist. Darwinism is a "universal acid" that burns through "just about every traditional concept," says evolutionist Daniel Dennett. This is illustrated by the increasingly wan and risible theology evolutionists within the Catholic Church are producing. Jesuit George Coyne, head of the Vatican observatory, is straining so hard to work God into his evolutionary schema that he has written that God is like a parent standing on the sidelines speaking "encouraging words" to earth. Kenneth Miller has declared, in a statement that would come as a great surprise to the doctors of the Church, that "randomness is a key feature of the mind of God."

Nietzsche wouldn't need to revise his view that "God is dead" were he to hear these descriptions of God. "Theistic evolution" is producing a theology of God as powerless and mindless, a God who is dead in man's thinking about life on earth. In separating God from nature, theistic evolutionists end up with a distorted view of both. And for what? To salvage a theory that Darwin's disciples like Edward Wilson have said is unavoidably atheistic?

There is no truth without God. It is that simple.

I personally enjoy how atheist Darwinists claim that evolution as a theory for the genesis of life is a valid application of the scientific method because it is verifiable.

It of course is not verifiable to any significant degree, due primarily to the enormous time frames involved. Whip out a petri dish, mix in some random chemicals, and wait one billion years to find out if your hypothesis is true. That's verifiability to an evolutionist. Failing to account in any real way for the explosion of fossils during a comparitively tiny period of time, however, does not mean the theory of evolution is wrong to its diehard acolytes, merely "incomplete". The new doctrine of "punctuated equilibrium" will surely rectify all that.

Blind faith in reason and science is the chief characteristic of the atheist.

I am far too cynical and skeptical to have such faith as that.


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