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Prayer Request

Okay, I never do this.


But... in this situation, I've no other alternative. God has got to intervene.

I've been praying for the interesting twists and turns in these two adults' relationship for at least 14 years. They've now reached a point where they either need to get it together or get it over with. They are both creating hearts in turmoil because of their selfish and immature actions and reactions. This has got to stop.

Will you pray for them? For their hearts to be renewed in Christ? For their relationship to be broken and humbled and started afresh? For a revival of true and uncompromising love such as no man has ever seen?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

One prayer on the way.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

Count me in, WG. It's always amazing, the power of our Lord!!

5:14 PM  

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