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Party Animal Farm

Hugh Hewitt today:

But here's the key part of today's interview: David's new group has raised $300,000 to camapaign against Miers on television and radio, from "two dozen" donors who will not reveal their names.

In a stroke is legitimated all the attack tactics of the left-wing groups against so many decent men and women beginning with Robert Bork. Our side has now picked up the weapon of the left. It will be difficult for the argument to be mounted effectively in the future that such tactics are illegitimate in the context of judicial nominations.

At this point, I fully expect to see Hugh come trotting out croaking "Four legs good, two legs better!"

How can it be a Borking when Bob Bork's leading the charge against Miers?

Hugh hasn't yet addressed our responses to his questions, either---sticking his fingers in the leaky dike that is this nomination must be keeping the Blogfather fully occupied.

I'll say it again---it is a singularly stupid thing to split your base. No amount of GOP jersey-waving changes that.


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