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Ten Greatest War Movies

You may surely differ, but then again, everyone has the right to be wrong:

1. The 300 Spartans (1962) - The Battle of Thermopylae, told straight (though not necessarily true)
2. On the Beach (1959) - The Cold War, had it gone horribly awry
3. 12 O'Clock High (1949)- Gregory Peck gives a crash course in military leadership as a WWII Army Air Force officer
4. The Enemy Below (1957)- Robert Mitchum does the same as a WWII destroyer captain
5. The Blue Max (1966) - WWI aerial combat, from the Boche perspective
6. Waterloo - Can't talk war without Napoleon
7. Master and Commander (2003) - An amazing depiction of sea battle in The Age of Sail
8. Where Eagles Dare (1969) - The best depiction of special operations on film, if a bit unrealistic---plus it's got Clint Eastwood
9. Das Boot (1982) - the finest sub movie ever made
10. Aliens (1986) - Sure, it's scifi, but they got the military culture dead-on right. Plus the technology seems to have given American military R&D some ideas.


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