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Are You Mad? Are You Mean Mad?

You should be.

David Hogberg looks back at 9/11, in anger:

I am angry that our leaders, up to now, cannot refer to our enemy by the proper term "Islamofascists." Apparently, the American people are too stupid to realize that not all believers in Islam are Islamofascists. Bush has started calling them Islamic fascists, to the consternation of many of the elites, including one that intends to run for President. May political correctness lose its influence on how we conduct the War on Terror.

I am angry that political correctness has already ruined one aspect of the War on Terror. Recall the anthrax attacks that killed five people? The perpetrators of that attack now seem as likely to be caught as the perpetrator of the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Even though the attacks took place about one week after 9/11, the FBI was hell bent on looking for the "angry, lone white guy." Taking a wild stab in the dark, I think it might have made a bit more sense to focus on those of Muslim persuasion.

I am angry that liberals continue to call for "shared sacrifice" in forms that just so happen to erode our will to fight, hurt our capability to win, and do nothing to actually support our men in the field actually waging war. The fastest way to bring the troops home is to win the war. Wonder why liberals have no plan for doing this? I suspect it's because they're too busy digging their hemp ponchos out of the love-in box from 1968.


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