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Anyone Get A License Plate On That Truck?

Let's not gloss over painful realities like our whiny liberal brethren do when they're clocks have been cleaned and it's time to start making up voter fraud claims against those wily GOPers:

We Republicans got our collective hinders handed to us Tuesday.

And you know what?

We Republicans deserved it.

The relentless Rovian focus on appealing to the barest majorities to maintain power finally caught up with us.

Unlike Democrats, we can't win running on an empty platform, because we don't have pet propogandists in the LWM recycling our talking points to make issues irrelevant.

And unlike Democrats, Americans expect us to keep our promises, particularly since we don't have the luxury of promising to raid the public treasury to buy their votes. Well, unless you're Ted Stevens or President Bush.

Moreover, unlike the Democrats, Americans expect Republicans to be the grown-ups, particularly on national security. Getting nothing done on the most important issues confronting us is no way to endear yourself to the electorate.

And let's face it---President Bush killed a number of our candidates because he has refused to prosecute the Iraq War and the War on Terror as Reagan or Ike would have. The one similarity between Iraq and Vietnam is that we're trying to win on the cheap. Wars aren't won cheaply, no matter how much cooler our toys are than the enemy's. You don't fight a life-and-death struggle with Nerf bats.

As much as the GOP deserved its fate Tuesday, our troops do not deserve the fate in store for them as Dubya prepares to sell them out to suck up to Nancy Pelosi.

Unlike every other foreign war Americans have fought, the jihadists will follow us home when we leave.

And thanks to the immigration "reform" Bush will only be too happy to enact with his newfound bipartisan buddies on the Hill, they'll have no trouble getting in.

Elections have consequences.

If this one results in another round of horrific terrorist attacks on America, it won't only be the Democrats or the disgruntled electorate who bear the blame.


Anonymous Martin said...

Excellent summary. You nailed it.

12:37 PM  

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