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Don't Cure Me Unless You Kill Babies in the Process

Michael Kinsley's curious moral reasoning:

SLATE WRITER MICHAEL KINSLEY, who also suffers from Parkinson's, likewise has been making a "plea for stem cell research," as Reader's Digest called it. But why plead for stem cell research when there are already countless breakthroughs with stem cells -- adult stem cells -- which consistently have exhibited far less disastrous, more promising results?

But no, Kinsley wants his cells to come specifically from embryos. Not only does the preferred stem cell therapy have to involve embryo destruction, but these folks aren't happy unless the embryo destruction is government-funded. Although Kinsley and Fox can get their tumors through privately funded embryonic stem cell research (which has investors running for the hills), apparently it's that magic touch of government money that will make it all come together.

Most of us, I daresay, would presume that when choosing between two potential cures, one which destroyed human beings and one which did not, morality would require us to choose the latter.

Of course, that doesn't get you invited to parties in Georgetown or the Hamptons, so there you have it.


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