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"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Sir Winston Churchill


Mark Levine's Right---Harrumph!

Get a grip on yourselves:

Nobody is talking about victory. We had many very severe setbacks during all of our major wars, from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to World Wars I and II. Our country brought together the greatest minds NOT to devise ways to hold discussions/negotiations with the enemy, but to develop strategies to defeat them. That doesn't exist today, or if it does, those voices are drowned out by a variety of "I told you so" claims. Other than a few lone voices, led by our own Michael Ledeen, where are the discussions about taking down the regime in Iran (a Jimmy Carter creation)? Most distressing, we hear nothing about this from any elected leaders of either party. Yet, that's the surest way to ensure victory in Iraq, is it not?

Sad thing is, taking out Syria and Iran would be the work of 6-8 weeks, presuming Russia were not so stupid as to intervene.

Instead, we're going to sit around and wait until the mullahs can deploy nuclear weapons against us and the casualties caused by their proxies in Iraq and Afghanistan get high enough to make politicians wet themselves.

Can we please just put some WWII vets in charge? They aren't afraid to fight.


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