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Bloglossary: Gravy Boat

gravy boat n.

1. A way to interject your own experience into someone else's conversation while not seeming narcissistic or overbearing.
2. A way to mark your place in their conversation in order to come back to you and your relevant experience after they are done speaking.

Speaker A: "I've always dreamed of having my wedding on a boat."
Speaker B: "Ooh! GRAVY BOAT! I once sang at a wedding on a boat!"

Speaker A: [telling a long story about a thrilling cliff diving excursion]
Speaker B: "GRAVY BOAT! Remind me to tell you what happened to my best friend when she went cliff diving."

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Blogger Cullen said...

You know what. I've been thinking about this a little more and I think this is a great idea. Not as a conversational device, but the actual gravy boat thing. I believe I need to up my gravy intake.

1:00 PM  

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