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Great Moments in Political Prognostication

Hugh Hewitt yesterday: Like Reagan in '76, Romney Is Staying In
Hugh Hewitt today: Governor Romney

Worth keeping in mind lest anyone listen to what Hugh Hewitt has to say tomorrow.

As has become typical of Hewitt, he doesn't acknowledge how farcically wrong he was, but he takes the liberty to accuse those who opposed Romney's nomination of anti-Mormon bigotry. One supposes those Mormons who did so must be "self-hating Mormons" in Hewitt's mind.

Hewitt needs to get off the Left Coast and visit some actual conservatives. The man is so far out of touch that his constant attempts to play the consummate insider have exited Funny and reached the suburbs of Sad.

C'mon, Hugh---surely you could use some of that "A Mormon in the White House" money to vacation in Red America.

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