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Whose Side is the Left Wing Media On?

The enemy's, obviously:

For the better part of five years, we've listened to the steady drumbeat of bad news on Iraq. Today, with the progress of the surge, there's some truly good news to report and yet there's a virtual blackout on it. In our upside-down culture, it seems that failure has a hundred fathers but success is an orphan, and we're paying an enormous price. Already the overwhelmingly negative articles about the military and the war have had a profoundly depressing effect on our society's ability to raise an army. The more difficult it becomes to raise an army, the more difficult it will be to protect ourselves and the less successful our military can be. It's a kind of negative feedback loop created by the media and the popular culture.

There are hundreds of positive, moving, up-lifting stories that have come out of this war (a few links are offered below). These are stories that would make compelling multi-part articles, television miniseries and movies. But if bravery, honor, duty, integrity, loyalty, and leadership are not important virtues to you, you'll never write about them. The MSM and Hollywood are incapable of writing about them because to them they are in fact foreign concepts. Thus, they are made uncomfortable by them and as result of this discomfort these virtues are no longer stressed in our society.

Many of the people who write the anti-military articles are trained professionals with degrees in journalism, so how is it that a little fact checking by non-professionals can reveal the stories to be so phony? Don't you think that if the press had a sense of ethics they'd be embarrassed by their work? And why the seemingly endless supply of these kinds of fallacious hit pieces? To rephrase James Carville, it's their agenda stupid.

We've been unable to deny the enemy the information battlefield in our own country because the American media is, consciously or subconsciously (it makes no difference, the effect is the same), in the tank for the him. It's the only way to characterize such uniformly consistent deceit. Our military is being methodically "Dan Rathered" by this powerful sector of our society. This is the presidential campaign season and the election is less than eight months away; do you think that al Qaeda will be denied the "battlefield of the media" Think Tet Offensive.

But don't worry---as soon as Al Qaeda attacks a gay bathhouse or a Starbuck's or The New York Times headquarters, they'll surely come around.

Until then, expect more of the same.

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