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RIP, Jesse Helms

Mark Levin notes the passing of the great man.

The greatest encomium to Jesse Helms is that the Left hated him so much they felt compelled to smear him on the day he died.

This is the sort of people they are.

When big Lefties like Tim Russert, Paul Wellstone,etc passed on you didn't see the sneering, smearing pap put out by the Right.

There are far greater matters than politics, after all, and among these are a sense of honor and human dignity, both of which the great senator from North Carolina possessed in orders of magnitude more abundance than the weak little men who opposed him then, and oppose him still.


Here's an example of what I mean.

I've already received a profane comment on this post.

Those classy Left-wingers, so bold in argument that they valiantly stab a corpse. It is high praise indeed of one's character to have such shambling sissies for enemies.



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