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Case Closed?

Not as long as The Belmont Club is around to probe into the lingering questions of the anthrax attacks.

The very fine particles involved have tended to point toward a sophisticated weapons program in my mind. The timing of the attacks so close to 9/11 point toward a continuation of the terror attacks upon America, possibly by a cell which took the attacks on WTC to be a green light. This may not have been Al Qaeda, but rather the Iranians or Iraqis.

I fully suspect that 25 years from now we will know full well how thoroughly our own defense and intelligence services have been compromised by the Iranians in particular. The FBI's leap to "lone psychopath" may well turn out to be less incompetence than treason then.

In any case, the FBI and CIA still seem curiously reluctant to consider foreign terrorism first before moving onto their favored "the right wing did it" paranoia. We are at war, you know. Perhaps somebody ought to tell Langley and Quantico.



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