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Like Pulling Teeth

EXACTLY like pulling teeth, in fact.

Haven't been up to blogging as yesterday morning the upper wisdom teeth had to go. It was the first time I've had the full on anesthesia. I took a (prescribed) Valium an hour before the appointment, then got hooked up to an IV in the chair and to a nose breather through which they fed laughing gas. One minute I was chatting with the dentist about customers who don't pay bills (making VERY clear that I'm not one of those), the next I come to in bed at home some 4 hours later.

A couple of Oxycontin and teabags stuffed in either side of my yapper rounded out the day, which WordGirl saw fit to proclaim "BEST DAY EVER" for some odd reason.



Anonymous karen said...

Holy cow, Tef!!

Hope you feel better. I remember when i had mine pulled(impacted, 2 done one summer, 2 the next)(no anesthesia)- i figured having kids would be a breeze compared to the pain of these extractions.


9:10 PM  

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