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Children and Illegals and Felons---Oh My!

That's the Democrat coalition, if continuing pandemic voter fraud is any indication:

A newspaper investigation finds more than 30,000 felons who should have been stripped of their right to vote are still registered in Florida.

The Sun Sentinel discovered that at least 4,900 felons turned out in past elections and another 5,600 are still in prison.

Of the felons who are registered, Democrats outnumber Republicans more than two to one.

Secretary of State Kurt Browning tells the newspaper that his staff has failed to remove thousands of ineligible felons because of a shortage of workers and so many new voter registrations.

He says elections workers are now reviewing the voting records but would not say how long the investigation will take.

The answer to the last question is, "Until after the election", of course.

This is the Democrat playbook for stealing elections, and has been since it was pioneered in Chicago in 1960.



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