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The Disgrace of Colin Powell

This is right on the money:

However you feel about Bush, the President deserved loyalty from the two people he appointed to high government positions. Or, more importantly, the Nation and the Military deserved their resignations the moment they opposed the war.

Instead, both men stayed in the administration, dragging their sea anchors all the way. This reflects honorably on neither man.

Now Powell steps outside the Republican tent and pisses in. He was inclined there a long time ago, and waited until now to open fire so as to do maximum damage to a man whose service to the country is at least as laudable as is Powell’s.

Powell was always more politician than soldier. That's the only way one can explain favoring a know-nothing, do-nothing empty suit like Barack Obama over a man who gave the formative years of his adult life and his health to the service of his country in the Hanoi Hilton.

Powell is a disgrace.



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