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Yeah, I Do Question Their Patriotism

This week marks a turning point in the War on Terror.

It marks the point in time at which the Democratic Party has finally removed all doubt as to exactly which side they're on in the War on Terror. It isn't America's.

Trotting out one of the very few Democrats with a distinguished military service record as well as a generally supportive legislative record supporting the United States' armed services, House Democrats this week called for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

Such perfidy in wartime has typically been reserved for the lunatic fringe, not elected representatives in Congress.

Yet there you have it.

The difference between Vietnam and Iraq may be summed up quite simply: 9/11.

2,977 Americans died in a coordinated attack by an enemy who had declared war years before during the Clinton Administration and yet had not been taken seriously.

George W. Bush and the Republican Party take them very seriously. Seriously enough to topple their host regime in Afghanistan. Seriously enough to gamble on an opportunity to create the first democracy in the Arab world in an attempt to change the balance of power in the very region which spawned the Islamofascists.

The Democrats and their LWM allies have done everything in their power to undermine this effort for their own cynical political motives. They don't give a damn about national security; they never have. They care only about abortion and entitlements, and resent the current administration's focus on winning the war. You will not find the wonderfully-detailed maps common to newspaper and newsmagazine coverage of previous global conflicts. You will not find discussions of logistics, strategy, or even tactics in their 24-hour coverage. All you will find is the constant drumbeat of defeatism, disaster, and despair.

They have made bin Laden and al Zarqawi into brilliant boogeymen, forever the romantic Bedouin guerrilla leaders, cut from the same mold as their beloved Che Guevara (whom Democrats in the 80s thought had been reborn in Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista thugs). Their language betrays their fondness for these bloodthirsty animals, rarely referred to as terrorists or murderers, instead deemed "insurgents", "fighters", or "Islamists".

And now Generalissimo Nancy Pelosi thinks it's time to cut and run. She and her fellow armchair strategists of the Democratic caucus haven't seen fit to share their plan for how to win the war after we surrender to al Zarqawi. This is because they have no plan. They do not care about the outcome of this war; which they ignored for 8 years in any case. They did not care about the deaths of U.S. servicemen when they were murdered in their sleep in the Khobar Towers, nor in their bunks aboard the USS Cole. They didn't care about the murders of Americans abroad, nor the murders of Americans at home, as when the initial attack on the World Trade Center occurred in 1993. If it made the trial lawyers in their caucus some cash, great. It was a legal matter, not worth the time of a Commander-in-Chief whose schedule was already overfilled with fundraisers and blowjobs from interns.

Yet we dare not question their patriotism.

Senate Democrats have pushed for the Administration to take time away from conducting the war to provide additional reports to go unread on their staffers' desks, along with the reams of reports currently required by a gaggle of self-righteous old geezers each of whom believes he ought to be ordering troops about from the Oval Office. They do not care that such actions give aid and comfort to the enemy, especially when properly packaged for al Jazeera by our own anti-American propaganda outlets in the LWM.

Yet we dare not question their patriotism.

We've learned from a U.S. senator with a powerful position on the Senate Intelligence Committee that he journeyed to Syria on the eve of the Iraq War and shared with our enemy (and Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist buddy) Bashir Assad that Bush was determined to go to war with Iraq. Shortly thereafter reports began of equipment surreptitiously shipped into Syria from Iraq. Jay Rockefeller didn't give a damn about how this would undermine preparations for war or efforts to avoid the same.

Yet we dare not question their patriotism.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter traipse the globe for pleasure and treasure while badmouthing their successor, himself busy with the conduct of the war.

Yet we dare not question their patriotism.

The time has come to do just that.

America and the rest of the Western world is at this moment locked in a global struggle for the security of our nations, for the sanctity of our freedom, and for our very existence. The Islamofascists will not be deterred. They will not be appeased. They will except nothing short of our defeat, our disgrace, our death. It is not U.S. policy which affronts them. It is the existence of the United States itself. It is our freedom, our prosperity, our cultural, economic, military, and political power that they wish to see destroyed.

Our former allies likewise would like to see American hegemony end. It is an affront to them, akin to seeing one's younger brother succeed beyond his wildest dreams. France, Germany, and most of the Old World powers fall into this category. They will not help. They may well hurt. They do not yet understand their peril, despite our common enemy targeting their soft, weak underbelly in much the same fashion as they did ours.

Any American who puts partisan politics or globalist fantasies above the interests of their own country is a creature to be despised and shunned. They are not patriotic Americans. I question whether they might even be called Americans. I prefer parasites: bloodsucking vermin who strengthen themselves only by weakening their host.

Nothing stops the Democrats from advocating viable methods for winning this war. After all, it was a Democratic administration and Congress who won our greatest war, the conflict which catapulted America to global dominance. Nothing stops them, that is, except from their own earnest, heartfelt desire that America be the vanquished, not the victor, in this conflict.

You are no patriot if you wish to see America defeated.

You are no patriot if you hope for America's humiliation.

You are no patriot if you work for America's weakening.

You are no patriot if you undermine America's war effort.

You are no patriot if you call for America's surrender.

This week, Congressional Democrats confirmed that they are not patriots.

The question for next week, and all of the weeks to come, is how many Americans will show their patriotism with the simple declaration, "Then I am no Democrat."


Over at Ankle-Biters, H-Bomb's in a similar mood regarding these vipers.

Mark Steyn, as always, says it best:

Good to see that even in the viciously partisan atmosphere of today's politics, Republicans and Democrats can still work together to carry out the people's business. In the same spirit, I wonder whether the Senate chamber itself should not be renamed the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi United States Senate. With increasingly rare exceptions, just about everything that emerges from the chamber tends to support the Zarqawi view of Iraq -- that this is a psychological war in which the Great Satan is an effete wimp who can be worn down and chased back to his La-Z-Boy recliner in Florida.

Hot Talk's had enough and wants the Madness to Stop.


Anonymous karen said...

I admire your tenacity and truth, Teflon. i wish more people would look at the big picture and use their eyes rather than ideology.

If America falls under the same attack as France- it won't matter if you are either party.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Redleg said...

God, you are a brave bad-ass, aren't you? How's that war thing going in Iraq? Have you had to go fight in it yet? I hope you get your chance, tough guy.

12:59 PM  

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