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Did John McCain At Least Give Henchman Lindsey Graham A Black Turtleneck with His Name on the Front?

I hope this idiot's a one-termer:

To say that Lindsey Graham has been a disappointment to the conservatives who were the heart and soul of his campaign would be an understatement. Unfortunately, our senior senator has moved from disappointing to downright dangerous.

In recent days, we have seen al-Qaida, in all of its videotape glory, threatening Americans with death and destruction unless we surrender to the Wahabbist strain of Islam and convert. We’ve seen “American al-Qaida” Adam Gadahn and his Egyptian cohort Ayman al-Zawahiri “invite us” to join Islam (or face destruction), while al-Jazeera runs old footage of Osama bin Laden with the 9/11 hijackers just to further emphasize the point.

The threat against America has never been so obvious or so ominous. I’m grateful that we have in President Bush a man who understands these threats and has acted to protect us from them.

Faced with this same threat, what is Sen. Graham’s response? Is it that protecting America is less important than protecting the American constitutional rights of foreign terrorists? Is it that judges who disagree with his Clinton-appointed JAG buddies about guaranteeing terrorist rights — which don’t exist in either the Geneva Convention or the U.S. Constitution — shouldn’t be confirmed to the federal bench?

Why would Sen. Graham want al-Qaida perpetrators to enjoy constitutional rights they have not earned and do not deserve?

McCain's position is quite understandable---ever since the Keating Five scandal, McCain has sought to change the subject, first with campaign finance reform, now with pissing away our military advantages against the terrorists in the name of currying favor with the LWM.

Graham will NEVER get the free ride McCain gets from the media, so what's his excuse?


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