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Thank God For Brad Pitt

He's just shown how stupid and out of touch celebrities really are.

It's hard to imagine where society would be without Brad Pitt. And to think, mankind survived thousands of years without our hero.

By now you've probably read that Pitt said he would not marry Angelina Jolie, with whom he has three children, until "everybody who wants to be married can do so legally."


Do you think the next time Pitt is offered a ride across the country on some studio's private jet he'll decline, stating, "I'll take the ride when every person in America can afford such luxury," or "for the good of the environment, I will fly commercial"?

On his next big contract, do you think he'll refuse the big money and say, "I'll take that ridiculous amount of money for my job playing make believe, when more deserving people like doctors, scientists, firefighters, police officers and members of our armed forces are compensated just as much for the important work that they do."


Charlize Theron Has taken the same line time and again, fyi.

Wonder how the first Mrs. Pitt feels about this statement? Not only did he father a child behind her back while they were married, then divorce her so fast her head was left spinning, he's now denied their entire union. What a jackass.


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