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What He Said

Dean Barnett perfectly encapsulates my position on "The Path to 9/11".

I'm not one to shed any tears over Sandy Berger (who should have gone to jail) or Bill Clinton (who will go to hell), though.


Anonymous karen said...

Well, my 13 yr old son and i watched this movie and it stays w me. It had a passion, albeit ~enhanced~, on way or the other, i guess. It certainly doesn't leave any question as to who the enemy is. No offense, but this fella sound like a snob (ishouldn'ta said that, ishouldn'ta said that...). I hope he enjoyed his 36 holes of golf.

I liked it. It would serve the public well if an historian did clean up those ~misconceptions & out-right lies~ and it could be used as a useful educational tool. My kid watched the whole thing.

And- yes. Sandy Berger came off as an insipid and useless ass.

12:33 PM  

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