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From This Moment Onward, I Withdraw Support for the Bush Administration

And I hope he gets impeached.


Because this idiot has handed American foreign policy over to his good friend Jimmy the Jew-hatin' Baker and a gaggle of RINOs and hardcore lefties.

How bad is the Fatuous Baker Boys' report going to be?

They want ISRAEL to make concessions to terrorists so that the mullahs in Iran and the Ba'athists in Syria deign to meet with us to discuss "regional stability".

To top it off, remember the State Department clown who went on Al Jazeera to decry American "stupidity" and "arrogance" in Iraq? Condi Friggin' Rice nominated him for a $10,000 prize.

I'm done hoping this moron pulls his head out of his hinquarters long enough to realize we're losing this war.

If Dubya goes down thanks to Dem impeachment proceedings and Dick Cheney takes over, one can at least hope he would fire Rice and flip Baker the Michael Vick Double-Bird special.

I cannot believe that Bush has proven to be such a colossal failure on such a crucial question as to how America fights the War on Terror.

History will not be kind.


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