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BlogRoll: Stimey's Spot and MEMRI

I've been thinking about some changes to my posts on Molten Thought for awhile now.

I am firmly convinced that we are not paying enough attention to the War on Terror, and that our lack of focus as Americans upon this is going to lead to some very bad doings indeed in the near term.

To this end, I'm going to be redirecting my political posts to at least 80% emphasis on the war. If you recall our patented "Hot, Blue, & Righteous" formula, I tend to write most of the Hot content, WordGirl covers most of the Blue content, and we tend to split on the Righteous stuff.

I hope you'll find the increased coverage of the war useful, and I'm going to kickstart it with a couple of additions to our BlogRoll.

Stimey's Spot is a great blog with a strong war focus. Stimey brings in diverse bits of key information from hither and yon, then provides very frank and passionate commentary which I find refreshing given the almost clinical detachment of war coverage today. We need more fire and steel brought to bear in this war, and Stimey's Spot is a good example of where I'd like to see our own coverage go.

The official website of MEMRI is an extremely useful counterpoint to the lies the LWM likes to put out to please CAIR and the terrorists and undermine support for anything with which George W. Bush is affiliated. They do something extremely useful: they translate Middle Eastern media and tell us what they're REALLY saying.

We'll be adding similarly useful links over the next few weeks. Please check them out, and thanks for continuing to read Molten Thought.


Anonymous stimey said...

Thanks for the link Tef, it looks like I will have to be more proactive on my blog now. :)

11:06 PM  

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