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No Left-Wing Media Bias Here. No Siree Bob.

Move along.

And don't even think about asking why Barrack Obama's belonging to a racist church isn't controversial. Maybe because the hoi polloi can't get enough of racist black preachers who use profanity in the pulpit? The audacity of hope, indeed.

But we've all seen what happens to clergymen who take their faith too far and start thinking it calls them to oppose the left wing dominance of American culture. After all, Democrats haven't been for the littlest of the little guys since at least the 1970s.

The Republicans, for their part, think Americans are stupid enough to fall for the "personally opposed to abortion" dodge. I'm personally opposed to smashing in the elderly's heads with hammers. Does that mean I can pass legislation to allow it, accept money from those who do it, and praise the choice to do so with a clear conscience?

It's enough to make some people want to replace the church with a Bible study group. Somehow, I don't think this was what Christ had in mind. But then, he didn't have a praise band, and relied on the spoken word to preach. So what did he know anyway?

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