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Iran Wins Again

Claudia Rosett on the Battle of Lebanon, yet another victory for Iran in the War On Terror:

By now, it ought to be obvious that Lebanon’s agonies will not be solved by parleys in Beirut. Nor will any solution come from elaborately brokered deals tendered by the Arab League, nor by way of American-inked diplomatic road maps, conclaves, and more United Nations resolutions.

Lebanon is a country infested with a terrorist-run movement — Hezbollah — which is backed by muscular, murderous, utterly ruthless and terror-loving state patrons in both neighboring Syria, and Syria’s kissing cousin, Iran. That gives Lebanon very bad odds. Damascus, Tehran, and their Hezbollah brood are not gunning for peace and democracy in Lebanon. Their game right now in that lovely, lively slice of Mediterranean real estate is instability, with its accompanying openings for encroachment, a tightening noose around Israel, and expanded turf and power in the Middle East. “Stability” in their scheme will come only with subjugation, and with Hezbollah’s declared goals of establishing an Islamic state in Lebanon and eliminating Israel.

What do you think Hezbollah will do once they've unimpeded movement through Lebanon and have become a de facto nation-state?

I'll tell you what they will do.

They will ferry an Iranian-provided and operated nuclear weapon into Tel Aviv and detonate it. The Iranians will disavow all knowledge, and the nuclear material will be found to have come from North Korea by way of Syria.

What will we do then?


What will the Israelis do then?

That, my friends, is the question.

It is a question we shall find the answer to within the next two years, unless swift action is taken to get rid of the Terror Masters of Tehran.

The Bush Administration will do nothing.

The Obama Administration will surrender while holding a victory parade.

This is where we're headed, and our so-called leaders haven't a clue.

Iran is winning, and Iran has the initiative.



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