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Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Truth To Power & Infuriates the Left

How dare he:

By citing an obscure Medieval text that characterizes some of the teachings of Islam's founder as "evil and inhuman," Benedict inflamed Muslim passions and aggravated fears of a new outbreak of anti-Western protests.

The last outpouring of Islamic anger at the West came in February over the prophet cartoons first published in a Danish newspaper. The drawings sparked protests — some of them deadly — in almost every Muslim nation in the world.

The Pope has a duty to confront evil. As the events of 9/11 alone amply demonstrate, there is monstrous evil afoot in Islam, and the evildoers quite ably quote the Koran in carrying it out, supported by Muslim imams, sheltered within mosques. Forgive me for noting that this does not appear to be the isolated luncacy of Islam's fringe; given the reluctance of "moderate" Muslims to condemn such barbarism, much less take positive steps to eliminate it, I'm beginning to think the problem is Islam itself.

It doesn't help that 1000 years of history reinforces this, however much the modern-day dhimmitude dispensers like to paper over the facts.

Hugh Hewitt's fond of warning the West against declaring war on 1 billion Muslims. He doesn't address the notion that 1 billion Muslims may have declared war on 4-5 billion non-Muslims already.

The Pope is quite right to condemn this evil. Will mainstream Muslims now be angry with him, or with the jihadists and the imams who enable them?


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